Creative Composition File Uploads

We are striving to streamline the registration process, but there are a few necessary requirements needed for the Creative Composition submission process.

  • Download Creative Composition Judges Forms here. From your desktop, open the file(s), fill the student info and “Save As”. Name the file(s) however keeps it organized for you to know which form will combine with each students entry.
  • Merge the Judges Forms and Student Entries for all your students regardless of age category into one Master PDF document. This can be done in Adobe Acrobat or by scanning all the hard copies into one large file. Be sure to organize the document in this order: Judges Form 1, Student Entry 1, Judges Form 2, Student Entry 2, etc. Please, make sure the Judges Form has been properly filled out and each student’s name is on each page of their entry. When the file has been “merged”, please include your school name in the file’s name.
  • Upload one Master PDF.

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